Writing Presentations

The first step in presentation is preparation beforehand. A presentation can be embarrassing if not adequately prepared. Therefore, the speaker has to take reasonable time preparing what to include in his presentation. A good presentation must be broken down into several sub-topics. This gives the speaker easier time to organize the information addressing the subtopics. However, the subtopics should be harmonized with the main topic of the presentation. A good presentation should be accompanied a PowerPoint presentation.

PowerPoint presentation allows the audience to compare the short notes indicated in the presentation and the discussion of the speaker. It may also be helpful to the audience where note taking is useful. A PowerPoint presentation is also effective where the speaker uses charts or diagrams to show relationships among variables. The speaker should also master the basic group communication knowledge.

A good presentation is one in which the speaker involves the audience in the discussion by inviting them to ask questions or by him posing question to the audience. Involving the audience in the presentation is more effective than allowing your audience to just listen to your speech. This is because non involvement of the audience in the discussion may make the presentation boring. In most academic programs, students may be assigned work which they may be required to make class presentation. In such class presentation, the students are evaluated basing on their ability to make good presentation.

Personalities of the speaker can greatly affect the effectiveness of a presentation. However, students can improve on this by engaging regular presentations. There are several articles which also provide guidance on a good PowerPoint presentation and public speaking.

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