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Time Management Essay

Time is a scarce resource. It is irreplaceable and irreversible.. There is a whole system of smaller metaphors under the time is money umbrella, such as: yesterday is a canceled cheque, tomorrow is a promissory note and today is ready cash. Use it. (John A. 1988, P9) Therefore, to save time we must spend time. Maybe there are hundred ways of time management, but today I will only talk about the four most useful that I think, they are develop a personal sense of time, identify long-term goals, plan the day and make best use of your best time.

First of all, if you want to manage your time appropriately, you should identify some long-term goals first. It is wise to look ahead, Winston Churchill once said, but foolish to look further than they can see. So first of all, think strategically about your life and work, and then select some features or areas to which you will guide yourself.

People cannot manage time that is past, but they can examine how they managed it in an objective and realistic way. The key suggestion here is to keep a record of how you are spending your time. Whether you are at work or in the school, you should make out a fresh list of what you have on and also what you want to achieve in the free time available. Separate the MUST, SHOULD and MIGHT be done today. On the other hand, the quality of the time somehow is more important than the quantity of the time. The chief principle of time management is to make the best use of your best time. If you can use the best or naturally high-quality time, you can employ it for high-quality work. All of these theories are quite useful both in work and at school.

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