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Leadership and Leadership Styles Essay

Leadership, influencing other to willing do the work of an organization so that the objectives can be met. The main objective for any organization is to meet it’s goals. To do this you will need one major component in place, that is management. Management comes in and organizes the entire operation of the organization. You take it a step further when leadership comes in to place. An organization could not exist if it where not for the leaders.
It is not only important to have the title or the position of being a leader but it would also be important for the leader to be effect so that his followers will follow his leadership. To do this as a leader you will need to have certain skill and abilities. For example a good leader, will have the ability of acting as a leader. A leader is suppose to be able to motivate the employees, and communicate effectively in difference of the barriers that exist, he will organize teams, and be held accountable for supervising the team, and he most be able to manage organizational and cultural changes that are needed to improve the organization. Leaders have power and certain traits, the leader should have a vision for the where the organization will go, the leader should actually think as a leader would. A leader should have six personal traits. They should have the drive to achieve, and the desire to lead. He is confident in his decisions and knows what it take for the organization to meet its goals, he knows the business well, he displays integrity and honest in doing business and with his subordinates. Most important the leader will need to have the right leadership style in order to stand and be an effective leader. Leadership style is the behavior in which the leader has chosen to be, he will display certain values and a certain attitude. Even though there are several styles of leadership it is always be to select a style that best suites the organization it self. Read more…