Step-by-Step Management Essay Writing Steps

Whether you are about to write human resource management essay, scientific management essay or stress management essays, you need to remember that the project of this type should include as a rule 8-10 pages or 3500 words maximum. In order to generate a top quality human resource management essay or scientific management essay, you have to be guided by some essential steps provided in this article.

Cover Page

There are many ways of how to make a management paper cover page such as APA or MLA. In this article we will deal with the MLA title page organization. This style requires double-spacing and should be also applied to the cover page as well.

When you are writing the title you need to begin every word with capital letter. Then center-align it. Next step is to write your name, course, the name of your instructor and the submission date.

Table of Contents

In this section one should list all the sections together with headings, sub-sections together with sub-headings. Make sure to provide page numbers for every section.

Introductive Section

In the introductive section you need to provide the following points:

  • A short explanation of the main problem
  • Management paper aim
  • What questions you’re going to answer in your project
  • A brief current research outline
  • The process of research


The main aim of the management essay introduction section is to make your audience familiar with the paper topic and make your reader read further.


This is the longest part of the project. It consists of sections and sub-sections. Every section should include the statement of the key point, arguments or suitable information. Now you need to intelligibly develop the argument. Don’t forget to properly use the in-text citation if you quoted some content from the book or any other source.

Make sure the body of your paper has the following points:

  • Primary literature interpretation
  • Problems of methodological nature
  • Research current state
  • Your personal point of view



State your problem and explain the results of your research in the paper conclusion section. You need to provide the summarization of the interpretations and observations. You have to also provide explanations of the limitations and strengths of the research you’ve conducted. What’s more, you can provide suggestions for future work, of course, if you have some.

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