Powerpoint Presentation and Persuasive Speech Ideas

The sound produced by teeth, tongue and lips to communicate the thoughts is known as speech. A good custom speech is straight to the point, prior to giving it, one should be well prepared to avoid mistakes. One should learn the needs of the audience prepare the content to see the needs are met. Preparation should be done to the point that one is comfortable with what to say, one should be dynamic to accommodate change incase a point has been made by another speaker. speech should be well arranged in a particular order this could be from the most important to the very least important. Proper practice should be done prior to powerpoint presentation, one can practice in front of the mirror or a small audience, recording in a tape recorder is essential to listen to, one can identify the places to pause, sigh or even change other words .

A speech should be written in a good language that is understandable by all people including the ones with basic level. When writing it is important to identify the strengths and weaknesses so as to emphasize on the strengths and dilute the weaknesses. During a presentation dressing plays a vital role, one should not be too casual or too formal, any habits that distract the audience should be avoided .The mood of the speech content should be carefully considered ,if one is speaking about an optimistic subject then the face should be bright and look optimistic. The gestures should be in line with the speech, for any aids or props used they should support the persuasive speech ideas in the best way possible. It is always good to know when to stop the speech and end in a conclusive manner.

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