Human Resource- the spine of an Organization

As every one knows that the human resource department plays a very vital role in very organization. HRM includes recruiting people, train them and take care of them by releasing their remuneration in time. Human resource management essay is the one that helps you understand more about human resource and the application part of it. Reading a good Human resource management essay could change your perception about it and may make you take corrective steps where and when it is required. For which we need to refer some scientific management essay or papers on it. Human resource is a complex subject which deals with employees’ benefits and even interaction with the trade unions in connection with it. At that point of time, the most reliable and effective tool is stress management essays, which would be of great help for you. Now, almost all major institutions in Human resource management have included scientific management essay as a special paper in the curriculum.

When we talks about human resource management we need to look at the other side of the coin that contains another subject called industrial relations. Do not get confused with both as same. From an employers’ point of you both are very much important as two sides of a coin. HRM works with a perception to achieve the overall performance of an organization but the second one takes care of the personal interest of the workers. So both these departments fight each other for the overall benefit of the organization. HRM protect the overall interest of the employers and the work force as well where as IR gives more focus on the well- being of the employees.

Thanks to the growing trend of globalization and liberalization, there is a phenomenal growth of high level competition happening across all segments of industries and this has made the employers understand the importance of their work force and the reward and recognition they actually deserve. Now almost all employers are for aligning their industrial relation work with the HRM so that they believe they can curb the union activities to a great extent. They are now accepting the grievances of their work force and trying to settle it with the help of an effective department. Now the employers have come to understand an old adage that “personnel may matter for the organizational success”

So it is always better to weave in both HRM’s and Industrial relations dept’s job in order to get the best result out of it.

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