How to Create a Management Research Paper

A research paper is usually longer than an assignment or a term paper. Other than writing a research paper there are other activities involved which make the process of research cumbersome and lengthy. A huge volume of data and information is required and compiling all these information and data is not easy.

Management is a wide subject and creating a management research paper can be very confusing especially to a beginner. These students wonder how they can be able to create management research papers. There are a few steps to follow when a student wants to create a management research paper.

The first step is to know your area of specialization. Is it business management, human resource management, or financial management? Once you are aware of your area of specialization, the second step is coming up with a thesis. This is the most difficult and confusing part for most students. Come up with a thesis that is workable and relevant. Workable here indicates that the research is doable. The best way to come up with a thesis is to check similar work that has been done by other researchers. The third step is structuring or organizing your work.

The research paper should follow the order below:

  • Objective or purpose – It should clearly explain your thesis and the possible outcome of the research.
  • Introduction – Write a few paragraphs about the research paper.
  • The main body – Write literature review of similar work done by other researchers.
  • Results – Give findings of your research.
  • Conclusion – Write a few paragraphs of your findings and what you can conclude from the research.
  • References – Cite all work borrowed from other researchers.

The last step on how to create management research papers is to find a suitable formatting style that is recognized by your institution of learning.

When creating a management research paper, a student should be very keen and should strictly follow the guidelines given.

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